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    Meet “Lewa” – Alpine View Veterinary Hospitals Pet of the Week:

    Lewa is a 6 & 1/2 yr old female Dalmatian mix. She absolutely loves coming to “camp,” as her mom calls it :-) Lewa has been a regular visitor since 2010 and we all love having her stay with us.

    She is extremely well mannered and incredibly sweet, it just melts our Animal Care Attendants heart each time they feed her because she so patiently waits for the attendant to scoop out and prepare her breakfast and dinner.

    She loves to play, behaves perfectly for her regular nail trims, and especially loves her regular tummy rubs (as you can so clearly see in the adorable photo pictured here below).

    So thankful to be able to care for so many animals just like Lewa!

    Taunia, Cassandra, and all your Friends From Alpine View



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